The 3 Types of Video Game Genres and What They Say About You As a Gamer

September 19, 2017

In this episode, we talk about video game genres and classifying games by mechanics, setting, and types of fun.


We talk about Mass Effect, Alien Isolation, Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead.


Video Game Vehicles, The “Dolphin Method” of Flying Helicopters, and Robbie Wants To Go Fast

September 12, 2017

On this episode, we talk about video game vehicles. What makes a good one? What makes a bad one? And what do your vehicle preferences say about you?

We talk about the Halo Warthog, the Destiny Sparrow, Mario Kart, Grand Theft Auto, Forza, Gran Turismo, and Ghost Recon: Wildlands.


Episode 30: Video Games and Morality, When Being The Change You Want To See Backfires, and Robbie Is a Jerk In Second Life

September 5, 2017

On this episode, we discuss wether your behavior in gaming matters, Robbie shares his experiences in Second Life, and Alec gets killed for surrendering in the Dark Zone.


Episode 29: Video Game Conspiracies, Half-Life 3, and Robbie Reveals The Truth About Chloe From Uncharted

August 29, 2017

On this episode, we talk about video game conspiracies, myths, and rumors including dark urban legends, the alternate Destiny story, and the never-ending wait for Half-Life 3.


Episode 28: Video Game DLC, Destiny 2 Beta Backlash, Uncharted 4: Lost Legacy, and Robbie Drinks a Chocolate Milkshake

August 22, 2017

On this episode, we talk about good and bad uses of DLC, controversy over Destiny 2, Uncharted 4: Lost Legacy, and Robbie drinks a chocolate milkshake because he got his teeth removed.


Episode 27 (*BONUS EPISODE*): Parenting & Gaming, Part II (w/ Chris McHale)

August 17, 2017

On this episode, we dive even deeper into the issue of being a parent while being a gamer.


Episode 26: Music-Based Video Games, The Fall of Rock Band, and We Argue About Video Games Teaching You To Play an Instrument (w/ Chris McHale)

August 15, 2017

We talk about music-based video games, the fall of games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and argue intensely about whether or not you can learn to play a real instrument by playing a video game.


Episode 25: PC vs. Console Gaming, Alec Hears The Call of The Dark Lords, and Robbie Wishes He Could Pick a Team (w/ Special Guest: Rhino)

August 8, 2017

On this episode, we talk about the PC gaming "Master Race," what PCs do that consoles can't, and we forget to say who we were last week.


Episode 24: The Class Makes the Game, Patches Are Cowardly, and Alec Refuses to Save People

August 1, 2017

On this episode we discuss the importance of classes, get sidetracked about patches and balancing, as well as demand courage from our developers.


Episode 23: Why The Destiny 2 Beta Isn’t a Beta (But We Like It A Lot)

July 25, 2017

In this episode, we continue our discussion about betas and dig into the Destiny 2 open "beta."